Advisory Services

Information Risk Management

GVillage Information Risk Management services are designed to help your organisation achieve its potential by focusing on delivery of potential project benefits, management of business processes, governance of enabling information systems and security of information. (IRM) is woven into various aspects of our audit process. IRM services help protect you against internal data quality problems and external attacks, relying on an established methodology that mirrors our audit.

Strategic Analysis

We identify risks presented through your use of information and communication technology. Our output of this stage would include a risk versus control matrix, which guides a substantive proportion of the audit process.

Business Process Analysis

We show how ICT enables your specific business processes along with significant risks that technology may pose to process objectives.

Risk Assessment

We assess the response of your management to the risks identified in the strategic and business process analytical phases. We then help you identify significant opportunities for improving your technology management; IRM also provides services in relation to information security services, business systems controls, information systems governance, business continuity management and project risk management.

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